Families & babies Photographed with no Gimmicks, just as you are.

My approach to family and baby photography is to hang out with you for an hour or two and capture chilled out images inside, outside or a bit of both. 90% of my sessions are shot in candid style doing the things you love doing as a family. Whether that is reading, exploring, playing hide and seek, doing arts and craft or that be going on a walk at your favourite family spot. The other 10% will be some relaxed posed images...the ones that'll be passed down through your family in generations to come.

Relaxed baby photography at home

All my baby photoshoots take place in the comfortable surroundings of your own home and are what I call baby-led. This means that in the time that I am with you, we will take breaks when baby needs fed, changed or if they just need to chill out for 10 minutes.

I will capture you as a family but also capture your baby by themselves, in all their baby cuteness glory. Shots with just the baby may take place in various locations around your home including on your bed, their crib or basket or just wriggling around on the floor.

My style of baby (and family) photography means that I don't use props, because I think babies are just cute as they are!


When should I book a newborn session?

After your 20 weeks scan is a good time and I will pop their due date into my diary with some space two or so weeks either side incase baby is early or late. I will always fit you in no matter what.

How old should my baby be for the session?

This is absolutely up to you! If you want a tiny wee newborn shoot with all their precious newborn details then best to do this within the first few weeks however, I can do baby/ family sessions for you any time.

How long do sessions take?

Both family and baby sessions are anywhere between 1-2 hours. You may think this sounds like a lot but I tend to take my time and keep everything super chilled so we're not rushing around trying to get a shot. Also, babies can be unpredictable so extra time always allows for this.

What should my baby wear?

Baby grows are good. Plain or printed or both. We can do costume changes! Also have some of your favourite blankets to hand so we can swaddle.

What if my baby won't settle?

This is why we take two or so for a baby session as this can happen. But don't worry at all, we just take it as it comes and if they need a bosie for a bit, or a feed then we can do that.

Do I print off my own images?

Yes, you have full printing rights to all the images. I have an online shop where you can purchase the images or you can download and print them using your own source.

Where are you based?

I live not far from Elgin but can travel anywhere in North-East Scotland for a family or baby session.

What does a family session involve?

It can be anything from visiting your favourite outdoor spot family outdoor walk, to baking in the kitchen or playing in the garden. Whatever you enjoy doing as a family will work!

Can we mix a newborn session with a family session?

Yes of course! All my baby sessions include lots of family shots too.


The prices include an online gallery with a selection of fully-edited downloadable images with full printing rights. Additional images can be purchased at an additional cost.