Hiya. I'm Esme. Here's a bit about me...

I am a Moray based documentary style photographer capturing weddings, families, babies and much more.

I am a self-taught photographer and very lucky that my collection of experiences in the last 12 or so years and loads of love, encouragement and support from friends and family has lead me to do this full time, I could not be happier!

Photography, creativity and appreciating what's in front of me has been ingrained in me for a long time. I was born into a family of creatives - my dad is an artist with a love for travel and my mum is amazing at making anything she gets her hands on look totally beautiful (honestly she could be an interior designer, florist, chef or event stylist) - so it was no surprise that I started to unleash my creativity from an early age.

I remember being in a Tanzanian market at the age of 7 and being amazed at the people, food, stalls and hustle & bustle around me. I used my mum's camera to take some snaps and I think that experience fuelled an interest in taking photographs, travel and culture. I have my parents, family and friends to be thankful for for all of the above.

I am someone who tries to find happiness in the small things. I think if you practise mindfulness in this way...life starts to look pretty colourful! I use this mindset in my photography - capturing wee details and big moments that are totally unexpected and unfold naturally. Managing to find sweet spots and shots (!) that may have gone unnoticed - piecing together a story of your wedding, family, new baby, business and everything in between.

Drop me a note and say hi, I can't wait to hear from you.

Esme xx